#Internasjonal regatta

Europamesterskapet i roing


The European Rowing Championships are among the oldest pan-continental sporting events and are able to trace their history back to 1893. The event has progressed a long way from its 19th century origins – with just three races and all for men.

The European Rowing Championships were staged almost annually from 1893 to 1973 after which they evolved into the World Rowing Championships. A European Championships event was reintroduced into the international rowing calendar in 2007. In 2013, the championships were moved to an early season spot and thus have become an integral event for many teams.

Following the success of the 2018 edition of the multi-sport European Championships in Glasgow and Berlin, the 2022 European Rowing Championships will feature again in the second edition of the new multi-sport event hosted in Munich alongside European Championships in other sports and disciplines taking place during the same two week period.



Men: M1x, M2x, M4x, M2-, M4-, M8+

Women: W1x, W2x, W4x, W2-, W4-, W8+

Lightweight Men: LM1x, LM2x, LM2-, LM4x

Lightweight Women: LW1x, LW2x, LW2-, LW4x

Para-Rowing: PR1 M1x, PR1 W1x, PR2 Mix2x, PR3 Mix4+


All European Member National Federations (including Israel) shall be eligible to compete in the European Rowing Championships. An athlete must present a valid passport from the country for which he wishes to compete (as per World Rowing rules).


It will be a premiere for the Munich Olympic Regatta Centre, as the storied venue is set to host its maiden European Rowing Championships in 2022. Originally built for the 1972 Olympic Games, the centre has organised a multitude of regattas and offers world-class conditions to this very day.

The Olympic standard course features eight lanes at a length of 2,000 metres. Built parallel to the prevailing southwest and northeast winds, the course can be used even in difficult weather conditions, ensuring a fair competition for all athletes. Located eight kilometres north of the Olympic Park, the centre provides ample space for the championships’ required infrastructure, while still being close to the city.


Teams can make their hotel bookings via the European Championships Event Management System (EMS). The accommodation portal will open in Q1/2022 and the teams will be provided with a link to enter the booking platform.

Accommodation should be booked as soon as possible to ensure a timely reservation as it is provided on a “first come – first served” basis.

Once the online booking process has been completed, an invoice including payment notification is generated and sent by e-mail.


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