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VM i roing 2022 arrangeres 18 - 25 september i Racice, Tsjekkia

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The senior World Rowing Championships are held every year at the end of the international rowing season and World Champions are crowned in 14 Olympic boat classes – seven for men and seven for women and six International boat classes all for lightweight rowers. Para-rowers compete in nine boat classes, four are Paralympic boat classes. During an Olympic and Paralympic year the World Rowing Championships include only International boat classes.


2022 WRCH Bulletin 2


The World Rowing Championships shall be open to all competitors who are authorized to compete by their member federation and who are eligible under the relevant rules. To represent a country in a World Rowing Championship, a competitor shall be a citizen of that country. He or she must be able to prove this by showing an official document (passport or identity card). In exceptional cases the Executive Committee may make exceptions. Rowers may only compete at the World Rowing Championships if they have submitted a signed commitment form, according to Article 56. Each team official must have submitted a signed commitment form to FISA before accreditation may be issued at a FISA Event.


The following Olympic and Paralympic Events and International Events are offered at the World Rowing Championships:

Men (M): 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x, 4-, 8+

Women (W): 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x, 4-, 8+

Lightweight Men (LM): 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x

Lightweight Women (LW): 1x, 2x, 2-, 4x

Para-rowing: PR1 W1x, PR1 M1x, PR2 Mix2x, PR2 M1x, PR2 W1x, PR3 Mix2x, PR3 Mix4+, PR3 M2-, PR3 W2-.


The rowing course in Ra?ice was completed in 1986 having been built on a former sand quarry site.

The course dimensions are as follows:
Total length: 2,350 m
Width of main Canal: 130 m

The course can hold races of up to 2000 m and is equipped with the Albano system having a total of 8 lanes. In addition to the main race lanes, the course also has a separate 30 m wide ‘return lane’ from the finish to start line. The course is encircled by a 5 km road and the whole arena measures 73 hectares in total including towers for race umpires, boat house, hotel and administrative offices, large car park, boathouse, competitor changing room facilities and a capacity for 5000 spectators.

The facility has hosted the following events:

World Junior Rowing Championships 1986
World Rowing Championships 1993
World Rowing Masters Regatta 2002
Canoe Sprint World Cup 2004
European Canoe Sprint Championships Senior 2006
ICF World Championships Sprint Junior 2007
World Rowing Under 23 Championships 2009
ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup 2009
1st ICF Masters Championship 2009
World Rowing Junior Championships 2010
ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup 2011
ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup 2013
European Junior Rowing Championships 2015
European Canoe Sprint Championships Senior 2015
European Rowing Championships 2017
World Rowing Junior Championships 2018
World Rowing Under 23 Championships 2021

The Ra?ice venue is located close to the Czech capital Prague, which is only a 45 minute drive by motorway.


Find up to the minute weather updates here : https://www.yr.no/sted/Tsjekkia/%C3%9Ast%C3%AD_nad_Labem/Ra%C4%8Dice/ )


Website: www.rowingracice.com

Email: info@rowingracice.com

Address: Národní olympijské centrum vodních sport?, z.s.
Ra?ice 130
411 08  Št?tí
Czech Republic

OC Contact Person: Lucie Makovickova – makovickova@rowingracice.com

OC Accommodation and Transport Contact: Lucie Makovickova – makovickova@rowingracice.com

OC Media Contact: Alena Mašková – media@rowingracice.com